Compact Audiophile Quality

Diana TC


Diana V2

Latest style and sound from ABYSS, easier to mate with better electronics, the V2 plays beautiful music with smooth vocals and highs. Excellent choice if you don't plan on spending a similar amount on electronics.

Personal Audio Luxury and Style

Diana headphones are form fitting and comfortable. The world's first high performance portable headphone delivers a front row concert experience for the highest level of musical enjoyment.

Patented planar speaker drivers in the DIANA headphone are modeled after our infamous AB-1266, considered by many as the finest headphone money can buy.   Deep bass, very real vocals, and smooth clear highs with near perfect piano and guitar, the DIANA headphone let's you enjoy music as life in a classy timeless design.

Diana TC takes resolution to a very high level, with greater sense of space outside of your head, and amazing clarity to music.

Diana V2 takes this down a notch for a bit easier mating to electronics while still maintaining industry leading detail and refinement. Both offer excellent tonality and realism to music and sound.

The World's Finest Headphone

AB-1266 Phi TC

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