KR Audio 300B HP Tubes

KR Audio 300B HP Tubes

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The KR Audio 300B HP tube has been hiding under the radar for too long. This latest High Performance (HP) version has been tweaked to offer unprecedented silent backgrounds and greater clarity, allowing for subtle details in the music never heard before. We feel this is the quietist 300B money can buy, with a unique sound unlike any other 300B on the market.

First thing you will notice is the bass definition. It’s taught, powerful, and goes deep, allowing you to hear the rumble of the drum skin without bloat. Mids are in proper proportion, not forward or hard, with excellent placement in the soundstage, and float above the bass along with a good dose of airy highs. In all a very well balanced presentation of frequencies and harmonics with the finest of 2 channel systems and headphones.

This High Performance version was co-designed and imported by ABYSS specifically for high performance audio amplifiers. 

Pricing is for a matched pair (2) of tubes. Quad matched sets available upon request.