Model Diana

    Diana is all about style, and sound. She's someone you like to have around. Designed for the person who appreciates the finest, Diana brings a classy way to wear the world's finest headphones while traveling, relaxing on the beach, or just plain looking good.

    Diana is a form fitting and lightweight. Patent pending flat speakers create a wall of sound that tickle the ears with details rarely heard in your music. Comfortable front row concert seats while on the go or relaxing at home.
  • Made in the USA
  • The thinnest boutique headphone in the world sculpted from aircraft grade aluminum for incredible strength
  • Sporty leathers and soft Alcantara┬«, custom exotic skins available
  • High-tech ceramic finish keeps her looking good
  • EMotion headband magnetically adjusts and contours your head for a perfect fit
  • Diana is an amazing concert for one, front row seats always
  • Designed to wear indoors or out, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall- Diana is one tough chic
  • Choose from 2 colors -- Arctic (shown), or Chocolate

  • Average weight of around 300 grams
  • Large 63 mm planar speakers deliver stunning clarity and bass
  • Diana is machined, finished, and carefully hand assembled in New York, USA

  • Diana requires a powerful portable audio player or headphone amplifer for best performance.
    She now has a sexy mate, the Lotoo Paw Gold Diana® Edition DSD portable audio player and headphone amplifier, available from The Evolution of Sound.