Diana Design

Diana is engineered to play the delicate nuances of piano and violin yet pound your head with clean powerful crescendos when called upon. ABYSS began with their world class AB-1266 Phi headphone and worked to develop a new speaker transducer customized for the thin lightweight profile of Diana with unique engineering to take abuses like no other planar headphone.

Retaining the amazing speed and impact of the large AB-1266 Phi while miniaturizing the entire headphone package proved to be a huge engineering challenge. ABYSS spent two years toggling between Solidworks 3D software and machining prototypes to reach a point where she could be no thinner. The ultimate result is a ultra thin yet rigid shell that begins at over 1000 grams of aircraft grade aluminum then ends with an under 100 gram frame structure once the CNC machine completely removes every last bit, with smooth accuracies measured in fraction of a thousandth of an inch. Thin is in with Diana, and every one of her sculpted curves is purpose built for good looks, and great sound.

Diana comes well dressed with your choice of three classy outfits. Hard ceramic finishes give her metallic parts color, and as in the finest of sports cars soft breathable leather and Italian Alcantara® cradle your skin.

Acoustics are huge with headphones, they’re like tiny rooms for your ears, and being material experts allows ABYSS to fine tune the room to offer up speaker like performance around your head, sound as if you are seated next to the band. The open back Fibonacci hole pattern was tuned to match Diana’s speaker drivers perfectly, allowing her to breath like life itself. Open back means more of a sense of space and you-are-there realism, with a positive benefit of allowing you to still hear your surroundings while on the go. Lower volume settings let you carry on a conversation with others while playing relaxing background music, raise the volume to dissolve outside noise. The proximity of Diana’s natural sounding speakers to your ears allows the brain to focus on the music rather than outside noise.

As with any ABYSS design, longevity and lack of moving parts are very important traits for final sound quality. Diana is equipped with a magnetic headband that adjusts smoothly and cradles your head comfortably without pressure, and lambskin ear pads are contoured to fit the shape of your head. You’ll completely forget you are wearing headphones.

Diana is comfortable, stylish, and plays ABYSS world-class sound. In our opinion, she’s the finest and thinnest boutique headphone money can buy!