ABYSS High Performance Luxury Headphones made in USA

World's Finest Headphones

We engineer, machine, and assemble our headphones from scratch using the finest materials. Patented planar speaker drivers deliver music to your ears with a speaker-like performance no other headphone can match.

Solid aluminum frames, minimal moving parts, soft lambskin leathers and Italian Alcantara®- USA build quality.

Ear Luxury

Diana v2

The worlds thinnest planar headphone

DIANA® V2 Premium Luxury Headphones by ABYSSNew! DIANA® TC by ABYSS Premium Audiophile HeadphoneAbyss AB-1266 Phi TC Headphone

Levels of Performance

A Trifecta of Sound

Three headphone models each a step up in performance toward perfection

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Diana v2

New! The world's thinnest high performance headphone with a highly refined fit and finish made in USA.

New! Diana TC

Stylish comfort combined with world class resolution and musical refinement that will grow with you and your system. 

AB-1266 Phi TC

Engineered to be the highest performance headphone on the planet, this venerable model is considered by many to be the best sounding headphone money can buy.