Abyss Service Repair

Repairing your ABYSS headphone

If you have an ABYSS headphone in need of service, please email Us for a return authorization (RA) form and shipping instructions. Include your name, return shipping address, telephone number, and the model and serial number of your headphone.

E-mail :info@Abyss-Headphones.com

Until all possible causes of the problem are eliminated, then and only then should the headphone be suspect. Suggest checking the headphone system prior to contacting us. Make sure all system cables are fully inserted in the jacks, Try another headphone on the same system, or exchange L/R cable connectors at the headphone to see if the issue remains with the same side. Also inspect your headphone cable for unusual wear or appearance at the plug ends, or slowly wiggle the wires at the connectors to see if the sound comes and goes. If you are using any sort of adaptor to connect to the amplifier, try bypassing it or using another. Should you determine the cable is an issue, our website store offers both stock replacement and Superconductor HP upgrade headphone cables.

We won't make temporary repairs, if your headphone is in our hands we will quote the cost to bring it to good working order. Cost to repair varies by model and what service determines is necessary to properly resolve the issue. 

For example, if the trouble is one or both channels having an issue (no sound, etc.), service will typically recommend rebuilding both L/R speaker drivers to match. Out of warranty, estimated cost for this varies from $300 USD for older models to $500 USD for more recent models, plus the cost of return UPS shipping. if you are outside of the USA. Service will also clean and inspect, and your headphone goes through final QC testing prior to return.



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