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Abyss Diana MR awarded Headphone Product of the Year

Abyss Diana MR - Headfonia

Their Best headphone Ever- Abyss Diana MR Review - Joshua Valour

"Best Headphone Ever"- Diana MR - Ryan Ho

Headphone Product of the Year- Stereophile Magazine

"First Impressions"- Diana MR - Joshua Valour

Abyss Diana MR Review - Major HiFi

"Class-leading Sound and Design"- Diana MR - HiFi Insider

"Let's talk about Diana MR"- ABYSS Team

Diana TC - Headfonics.com

"Best headphone I have listened to"- Diana TC - Joshua Valour

Comparison video Diana TC, LCD-5, Elite - Joshua Valour

AB1266 Phi TC written by K.E. Heartsong @TheAudioKeyReviewsMagazine

Diana TC - Peter Pialis @Headphone.guru

Diana TC - Alex Schiffer @Major HiFi

Diana TC - Mike @ Hi-Fi Insider

"Best sounding headphone on the planet"- Audiophiliac reviews the AB-1266 TC

"Best headphone of the decade"-AB1266 by Joshua Valour

Headfonia reviews Diana V2

ABYSS sends Linus Tech a complete high end headphone system, and we made him cry.

Diana TC review by OffCast (video)

Headphone.guru's Peter Pialis reviews our latest AB-1266 Phi TC headphone

Review of Diana Phi by Fidelio @ Musicalhead.de (English Version)

Completely wonderful review of Diana Phi by Headfonics

Video review of Diana Phi by MajorHiFi

The best sounding headphone on planet Earth ! (video)

AB-1266 Phi TC by Musicalhead.de (English version)

Headfonia reviews Diana Phi

Audiophiliac reviews Diana Phi- Extreme high-end headphones are big and bulky, except this one

AB-1266 Phi CC by Headphone.Guru

AB-1266 Phi CC (Czech Republic)  Click here for English translation ABYSS Diana Headphone Video Review by the Audiophiliac

Diana by HiFi Insider (video)
Headphone.Guru reviews Diana
Peter Pialis from Headphone.Guru on the AB-1266 Phi
Diana in the Ultimate Headphone Guide 2018
Innerfidelity.com video review CanJam 2018

Grammaphone Dreams by Herb Reichert on the AB-1266 Phi-Stereophile Magazine
Dave Hanson on the AB-1266 - EnjoyTheMusic.com
High-end Headphone Shootout
The Absolute Sound Magazine- Chris Martens
NEW! High Fidelity Magazine (Chinese) 高保真音响201709-深渊刀 玄铁鞘 问天高
Steve Guttenberg - CNET.com
Roger Ngaw - HeadFi Journey
High Fidelity Magazine (Chinese) 高保真度Abyss爱必思 AB-1266雜誌評測
Mr. Pu (Chinese) Abyss AB-1266雜誌評測 [高傳真視聽雜誌]
New Audiophile (Chinese)
Martin Mertens (German)- Ear In
지민국buyking.com (Korean)
留聲機夢想 Abyss AB 1266 Stereophile 杂志 - 留聲機夢想_Abyss_AB_1266杂志

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Jude Mansilla- Head-Fi.com video on Abyss and Cavalli LAu amp