ABYSS produces high quality videos to help audio connoisseurs navigate through high-performance headphones and matching high-end electronics. Check our our TOTL chat sessions! Videos are in order of most recent first.

RUNNING OVER $5000 Headphones!!!

Should you leave Audio gear ON?

Vocal Presence & Preference in HiFi!

System Musicality!

Soundstage vs Imaging- What's the difference?

How much power do headphones need?

Why don't headphones have multiple drivers?

The best way to get digital audio...

Can Headphones Replace Speakers?

Are headphones finally good enough to compete with or even replace speakers?

Does Balanced Matter?

The Moment that changed HiFi

We remember our first encounters with audio

How to get MORE Resolution

AB-1266 Why is it shaped like that

What it Takes to Make a Headphone Company

What does it take to build a headphone company? In this episode we talk about it!

Is BURN-IN real?

Is burn-in real? In this video we talk about burn-in with audio equipment.

Reading viewer comments...

In this video we're reading and responding to your comments!

Tuning the AB-1266 TC to your head

Part 2 setting up and tuning AB-1266 TC to your sound preferences

Setting up the AB-1266 TC headphone

This video shows you how to set-up and adjust your new AB-1266 headphone.

Are recordings Limiting HiFi?

Is the quality of recordings now the limiting factor in HiFi audio?

Can IEM's compete with headphones?


What gear do we use at home

TOTL: Is ABYSS for Professionals

Are Abyss headphones for professionals? Or are they just for audiophiles?

TOTL: Materials and resonance Part 2

Why we don't use Mylar- A continuation of our last episode on materials and resonance. We go greater into detail about our self-dampening driver, the housing, and how non traditional methods got us to where we are today.

TOTL: Materials and Resonance Part 1

In this episode of "top of the line" we talk about materials and resonance in audio.

TOTL: How to listen for detail

A viewer asked "How do I listen for detail?". Here's out thoughts on that.

TOTL: Finding your headphone system's weakest link

What's the weakest link in your system? How do you know?

TOTL: How much do DAC's matter

Do DACs matter in HiFI audio? If so, how much? Here's our thoughts on DACs.

TOTL: Streaming and HiFi

Our thoughts on streaming services from our perspective in the HiFi audio industry.

TOTL: Is EQ or DSP bad?

In this episode of top of the line we cover our thoughts on EQ and DSP. Is it bad to use either?


Our thoughts on frequency response. What target are we aiming for? How much does it matter?

TOTL: A cheaper ABYSS headphone?

Will we make more affordable headphones?

TOTL: How the AUDIO INDUSTRY has changed.

The audio industry has changed a LOT over the years. Here's our take on it and what we think has changed the most.

TOTL: Who are we?

Episode 1 Introduction to the people behind the curtain