ABYSS Headphone Videos

TOTL: is EQ or DSP good or bad?

In this episode of top of the line we cover our thoughts on EQ and DSP. Is it bad to use either?

TOTL: Finding your headphone system's weakest link

What's the weakest link in your system? How do you know?

TTL: How much do DAC's matter?

Do DACs matter in HiFI audio? If so, how much? Here's our thoughts on DACs.


Our thoughts on frequency response. What target are we aiming for? How much does it matter?

TOTL: A cheaper ABYSS headphone?

Will we make more affordable headphones?

TOTL: Vinyl & Digital

We talk about our thoughts on the formats as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

TOTL: Bluetooth

Bluetooth has come a long way since it was first introduced, but where does it fit into hifi and high end audio?

TOTL: Streaming and Hi-Fi

Streaming services have changed the way we listen to music on a daily basis. Here's out thoughts on streaming services from our perspective in the HiFi audio industry.

TOTL: How the AUDIO INDUSTRY has changed.

The audio industry has changed a LOT over the years. Here's our take on it and what we think has changed the most.

TOTL: Who are we?

Episode 1 Intrduction to the people behind the curtain