We take pride in manufacturing. Every ABYSS headphone is CNC machined, maticulously finished, and expertly assembled in our facility using the finest materials.

High-end leathers, sports car inspired Alcantara, and lambskin or Ultrasuede ear pads adorn the luxurious build quality.

We produce our unique patented planar speakers tuned and optimized to play music like no other headphone.


Diana DZ

The world's thinnest lightest high-performance luxury headphone.

ABYSS Headphones offers a 10 YEAR Warranty!

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Don't take our word for it


It is hard to overstate just how good the Abyss Headphones Diana TC is...



"Best sounding headphone on the planet."

Steve Guttenburg



"Best headphone of the decade"

Joshua Valour


"I'm not going to cry."


Linus Tech Tips


Their neutral tonality with speaker-like bass quality make them a no-brainer high recommendation for me... I always came away with a large smile on my face.

Peter Pialis