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Our finishing experts went crazy, Diana TC now comes in custom dress limited editions. 


Did you know we make one seriously heavy duty headphone stand from aluminum, steel, and premium hardwoods...

Our latest model

Diana TC

World class sound engineered into the world's thinnest profile audiophile headphone

Diana TC - Audiophile Luxury
AB1266™ Phi TC Headphone ABYSS DIANA TC Premium Audiophile Headphone New! ABYSS DIANA TC Premium High Performance Headphone Limited Edition Custom Colors DIANA V2 Premium Luxury Headphones by ABYSS SALE! DIANA V2 Luxury Headphones by ABYSS- Found In Warehouse Sale!

Luxury Audiophile Headphones


We take pride in manufacturing the World's Finest Headphones. Every ABYSS product is meticulously hand crafted using the finest materials. Solid aluminum frames, minimal moving parts, soft lambskin leathers and Italian Alcantara®- USA build quality.

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Don't take our word for it


It is hard to overstate just how good the Abyss Headphones Diana TC is...



"Best sounding headphone on the planet."

Steve Guttenburg



"Best headphone of the decade"

Joshua Valour


"I'm not going to cry."


Linus Tech Tips


Their neutral tonality with speaker-like bass quality make them a no-brainer high recommendation for me... I always came away with a large smile on my face.