NEW Design! Replacement leather headband for ABYSS AB-1266

NEW Design! Replacement leather headband for ABYSS AB-1266

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Newly designed leather headband for the AB-1266! Extended width, soft padding, and French leathers provides greater comfort than original, with embossed ABYSS logo. Stretch rings are now user replaceable. Fits any AB-1266 headphone.

(Please note when replacing the headband, carefully pull one elastic ring under, into, and over the top of the gumdrop holder, pull up on the ring toward the metal headband to stretch and fully seat, and verify it is fully inside the gumdrop holder. Then grab the other end of the headband stretch enough to pull the ring under and into the other side gumdrop holder. DO NOT stretch either elastic ring more than 3 inches, 8 cm.). Your ABYSS logo should read normally left side to right side.

Shipping outside of the USA adds $35 USD for this item. For obvious reasons, leathers are non-returnable/non-refundable.

Video- How to replace the AB-1266 headband.