JPS Labs Aluminata 2 RCA Interconnect Cable pair
JPS Labs Aluminata 2 RCA Interconnect Cable pair

JPS Labs Aluminata 2 RCA Interconnect Cable pair

Hand-Made in America..

Interconnects form the critical link between components and must flawlessly convey delicate low level signals while acting as perfect interfaces between various inputs and outputs designed without standards. Any deflection of the sound before it even gets to the amplifier and your ears and you may as well have purchased a cheap receiver instead of all those wonderfully refined high-end separates.

Newly designed and specially annealed solid core Alumiloy conductors with negligible signal loss, even in long lengths, each conductor individually insulated with very expensive medical grade Kapton® to exacting standards of thickness and purity, blanketed by a version of the Particle Aluminum Shield (PAS), optimized for the highest resolution audio, with a holistic approach to noise absorption and ultra low impedance.

Aluminata 2 is the ultimate expression of what JPS has been preaching and implementing for many years, that nothing sounds anywhere near as good as that with a near perfect shield (and not just any shield). Their award winning Superconductor series of interconnects and speaker cables are real world proof, and for decades have continuously earned praise from emerging audiophiles to experienced reviewers alike.

To properly and completely reject noise in all forms without interfering or interacting with the original signal is one of the most difficult tasks at hand, particularly as more and more devices are added to our homes and studios each day containing miniature electronic noise sources which all add up one big problem, less than optimal audio reproduction.

Aluminata keeps your components clean, and allows them to perform to their highest individual potential without interacting with a connecting component! Like taking the best attributes of each of your component choices and allowing them to do what they do best, a perfectly clean interface from one point to the next.

Made In the USA

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